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Boating Market Soars for Brokerage Yachts

Fritz Breland

The current economic downturn in the housing market has created one of the most electrifying boating markets in the industry’s history. At no other time has it become such a ‘buyers market’. Prices for brokerage yachts are at their lowest levels, adjusted for inflation, than ever before. Buyers have a huge inventory to select from and the competition among sellers have forced prices to historic lows.

What better time to take advantage of a buyer’s market than the beginning of boat show season. This October marks the official start of the Florida boating season with the first major boat show. Boat enthusiasts from around the world converge on south Florida to see and be seen among the best the yachting world has to offer.

So how do you take advantage of this fantastic buying opportunity? One way is to use the services of a buyer’s broker; a professional yacht broker who works exclusively for the buyer. Just as in real estate when buyers find a broker they trust to help them find the right home, a yacht broker does the very same thing in searching for the right yacht. The benefits of using a buyers broker are many but paramount has to be that the service is free! Yes, that’s right, the services of a buyer’s broker are free to the buyer because the seller pays all commissions and fees.

The variety and quantity of boats to be seen can be over whelming and that’s where a professional buyer’s broker can help. An experienced buyer’s broker has access to resources that most yacht buyers do not have. Access to sophisticated and reliable multiple listing services saves time finding the right yacht to meet your needs. A buyer’s broker can provide invaluable inside information about boats that are not yet on the market or that are not being actively marketed by their owners but still available for sale.

Many people find the negotiating process to be an uncomfortable, tedious part of the buying experience. A buyer’s broker removes you from the direct negotiating process. A buyer’s broker helps you buy with your head and not your heart. They know the market intimately and will keep you from over paying.

A professional buyer’s broker will advise the buyer throughout the due diligence process by identifying and recommending the most qualified individuals to conduct the surveys as well as advising the buyer on issues to look out for based on his experience.

In addition they will provide local information on such services as finance, insurance, repair and retrofit contractors, dockage and even crew and maintenance personnel. All of this and it won’t cost you a penny.

So as Florida sails into it’s boating season this fall be sure to take advantage of this unparalleled buyer’s market. Utilize the free services of a buyers broker and reap the rewards that go to a smart shopper.

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